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Eating Mulch

Should I be concerned with my dog munching on mulch?  I have heard the “chocolate” mulch can be dangerous and even deadly. Thanks for your response! Hello, Several years ago there was a warning that some mulch was being made with cocoa bean hulls in the product and the dogs were attracted to it and […]

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Dogs and Instincts

A squirrel goes racing across one tree in your backyard, leaps onto a branch of another and disappears down a hole in the trunk.  He has a large nut with him that is about to be put away for upcoming cold winter nights.  That’s instinct.  Squirrels don’t check out super market ads, don’t go visit […]

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Back to the (Dog) Basics

Getting your dog to behave and have manners is simple.  Well, that’s an opening for you.  Now that I have your attention, I’ll explain.  There are some very basic things that are involved, and none of them require you to be a rocket scientist.  The very first thing that needs to be acknowledged is that […]

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Molly Molly

I am a three year old German Shepherd from South Georgia.  I don’t really have a favorite toy because my favorite things are sleeping and getting petted on the head. Although if I do get up some energy I will admit that I love getting into the trash to look for napkins.

My brother Teddy is lots of fun to play with, plus he usually takes the blame for my chewing.  I really like him for that!  I love to bark a lot; sometimes my humans do not appreciate that so much.  I am SUPER special because I am a white German Shepherd and that is not so common I hear.

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