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Hello friends!!! Sorry I have been MIA for a bit. My sister had a beautiful baby boy that has been distracting me:).  Good news is that is gave me the topic for this blog!

My sister has a red nose pitbul that we all love!! He is sweet and cuddly. However, he had never been exposed to a baby before and we had no idea how he would react. The day they come home from the hospital they did the right thing by allowing someone to go in first to get all of his excitement and energy out. Next step was to leash him for the entrance of baby. Like any dog Max was curious about the tiny human; but he was also excited to see his parents that had been gone for a few days.

As soon as baby stated to cry we noticed Max getting very concerned and was whining like we have never heard. My sister had the baby and Max was determined to uncover what that sound was.  He was very agitated and worried. Max has not shown signs of aggression before but he is still having a hard time adapting to the new noises. My sister’s family is doing their best to keep Max calm but separated from the baby at the moment while he adjusts to the new sounds that are in the house!

I have learned a lot while researching the experiences we are going through. Prior to coming home insure that your dog listens well and only enters the nursery when you tell him it is OK; otherwise it is off limits. When you arrive have someone go in first to allow your pup to welcome you back home and then leash your dog; this allows you more control in case he gets concerned, fearful or agitated. It may seem natural to put your dog up while baby is up and bring him out when baby is asleep. In fact, doing the opposite will be more effective. Teach your dog that when baby is awake he will receive a lot of love and affection. When baby is asleep he will realize it’s not as fun without baby and it will help them bond. During these first few weeks make sure to have lots of treats handy!! When your dog is showing signs of calmness around baby always reward him. When baby cries and he becomes concerned give him treats. This will teach him that the noises aren’t bad but actually good!!! NEVER force your dog to closely interact with baby. Only encourage interaction when your dog makes the first move. When this happens allow your dog to sniff babies feet!!

It may seem overwhelming to have your dog around while taking care if your baby. Give your dog new toys during this time to help him focus on other things so he is not alerted constantly while the baby is around. It might also be beneficial to feed your dog when it’s baby feeding time. This may seem like a lot of food, and it could be, so only put a little bit in the bowl!! Your dog will calm down but it will take some work!!

Most important is important to know your dog and be able to pick up their signs of distress.  A distressed dog can  be unpredictable so pay attention to both your dog and the baby.

What experience have you had with this?

Thu, July 17 2014 » Blog, Care, Fears

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