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Keeping Puppy Warm!

Happy winter months doggy parents!! Are you still in snow and ice?  So much of the country is and more may be coming!

Are you cold this time of year? Odds are your furry friend is struggling as well. Even if your dog has very thick fur he can still be in discomfort and danger during these frigid months. If you have strictly an outdoors dog that will not do well inside, prepare a shelter for him. For instance, a doggy home with insulation will help keep your dog warm. Using straw and blankets will keep your dogs shelter warm. Most pet stores also sell heated pads that are great! It may seem natural to place a heat lamp with your dog but this is not only a fire hazard, but can easily burn your furry friend.

During these months your dog will need extra food and water to keep healthy. Pet stores also carry heated bowls to insure your dogs water won’t freeze!

Take caution during this time while walking your dog. Your dogs paw pads are sensitive and will become irritated if too much salt and ice get lodged into his paw. After a walk make sure to rinse your dogs paws with warm water to reduce irritation. If you notice your dog licking his paws during this time odds are he is experiencing dry and cracked paw pads for road salt. To avoid these irritations you can try dog booties and also ointments on his paws before going on walks.

Last but not least, dog jackets! If you need a jacket so does your dog! If it’s sweater weather then he needs a sweater. Not to mention they’re cute :)

Stay warm friends and spring is coming!

Thu, February 20 2014 » Blog, Care, Food & Nutrition, Health, Seasons

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