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Pet Safety for the Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

It’s that wonderful time of year again when our homes are decorated and our bellies are full! Unfortunately, this time of year can be very dangerous for our furry family members!

One danger is table scraps!  I am guilty of this, and you may be also. I have such a hard time resisting those puppy eyes, but it is extremely important to watch what is being fed to your dog! So many of these foreign foods can lead to gastrointestinal problems for our furry friends and are unsafe for their digestive tract! Be careful when there are children in the house because they are unaware of what is safe and unsafe for dogs to eat. They mean well but don’t know any better. You can help them by making them aware that giving the dog any human food can hurt the dog.

Another pet hazard this time of year—can you guess,? Decorations!! Dogs are curious creatures and want to explore all the shiny new things in their home. Ornaments are made of plastic and glass and dogs can confuse them for toys and chew on them. So, be cautious of the low hanging ornaments. Trees can be extremely unstable and can easily fall on your animal if they are playing and rough housing around it. If you have multiple dogs who play actively put your tree in a safe place or put a gate up around it; they make cute ones these days;). If you only have one dog just make sure you are aware of your dogs whereabouts and that’s he’s not exploring the tree.

Christmas lights are also a huge hazard! They are beautiful, yes, but sometimes you have to extend the lights cords to reach an outlet. This draws attention for your dog and if he’s a chewer, (Teddy is big time), your dog can get electrocuted. Be cautious about where you are plugging in lights inside and hide them as much as possible to decrease visibility and curiosity!!

During this time of year your home tends to be much busy with guests. If your dog gets anxiety with people around make sure to take that into consideration. Make a safe spot for your dog in another area with toys, bed, food, and water to give him comfort while guests are over (we do this with Jasmine many times). I also suggest turning on the TV or stereo to drown out the noise going on in the other rooms. If your dog does well with guests in the house that’s great! More than likely he’ll be the hit of the party, (Teddy always is). Just make sure your guests don’t leave doors open after drinking too much eggnog. This could lead to a bad night searching for your dog.

The holidays are always a great time with friends and family, which your dog is a part of! A little awareness and planning can insure that a good, safe time is had by all!

Have a very Merry and safe Christmas everyone!

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