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Assistant Dogs

How many of us get so excited when spotting a seeing eye dog?  I know I am amazed seeing these fabulous dogs that assist their owners with their life.  They make if possible for those that may not experience independence to experience it!

I cannot help but pet and love on a dog when I see one. Unfortunately, this is not appropriate to do with an assistant dog. When the dog has its vest on that means they are working and don’t need any distractions. When you notice these dogs working you are not supposed to give the dog any attention because this could distract the dog from the very important job at hand.

It is also important to know how you should best react if you yourself are with someone that has a seeing eye dog or other assistant dog. Be sure to stand just slightly behind the human’s left shoulder and never stand directly in front of the dog while walking and standing. A seeing eye dog is trained to be in control of the human’s safety. So for example, if you’re walking down the street with a friend that   has an assistant dog, you may be tempted to “interfere” by telling your friend a street or curb is coming up. BUT don’t!  The dog will warn the owner when it is time. And last, but not least, if you are at your friend’s home make sure to ask permission to touch or play with their seeing eye dog; always remember that they have a job to do and you would not want to distract or interfere with that.

Anyone have experience with assistant dogs?

Tue, June 11 2013 » Blog, Health, Training

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