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Moving to a New House

It has been an eventful two weeks moving into our new home! I have to say I was very nervous as to how Teddy was going to react. So many things are different from where we were living before and all I wanted was for it to be easy on him. We were going from a large home with his best friend dog to an apartment with two cats. Teddy adapted very well. He found his potty spots outside relatively quick, this made me very happy.

The hardest part has been living with two cats. They hate, him poor guy. They mostly hang out upstairs so Teddy will not go up the stairs. If he tries to walk upstairs when they are close they hiss at him and he runs away. I really want them to all be friendly! It only took Teddy one time of being ganged up by the two of them to learn to be gentle and move slowly when approaching the kitties. They are warming up to him which I thought would never have happened.

But even with the cat factor, he seems to really love it here! I have learned a few things during this move. Being your dog’s old stuff to your new house. It carries familiar scents from your old house which will comfort your dog. When you get to your new home and notice your animal is comfortable, give them a new toy. Hopefully your move will go as smoothly as ours did!!

Have any of you moved with a pet?  Easy? Challenging?  What are your tips?

Tue, May 14 2013 » Blog, Care, Fears, Travel

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Molly Molly

I am a three year old German Shepherd from South Georgia.  I don’t really have a favorite toy because my favorite things are sleeping and getting petted on the head. Although if I do get up some energy I will admit that I love getting into the trash to look for napkins.

My brother Teddy is lots of fun to play with, plus he usually takes the blame for my chewing.  I really like him for that!  I love to bark a lot; sometimes my humans do not appreciate that so much.  I am SUPER special because I am a white German Shepherd and that is not so common I hear.

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