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No! No! Alcohol and Dogs Do Not Mix!

Serious subject today. I am writing this blog because of an experience my dog had before we saved him from his previous owner.

Teddy lived at a fraternity house and was around spilled beer and liquor drinks all the time. One night Teddy had licked up too much off of the floor and ended up getting alcohol poisoning! He had to get his stomach pumped and we almost lost him. Even though he was not my dog at the time it would be tragic for any dog to go that way.

Please, read this blog carefully to save your dog from something that could end up fatal. I am not trying to scare you and if your dog accidentally drinks a little bit don’t panic! However, in large amounts alcohol is toxic so be aware. This also includes products which contain alcohol such as perfume, cough drops and syrup, and cooking sprays etc. In humans alcohol is used as a depressant, this effects animals the same way. Alcohol has the potential of slowing your dog’s nervous system which leads to lowered body temperature, slower breathing, slowed heart rate, and dehydration. And just like humans it causes damage to their liver and kidney. So many people find entertainment in watching their animal get “drunk” and get a few laughs out of it, but unfortunately some of these cases result in death.

If you are concerned your dog might have accidentally gotten a hold of alcohol make sure to know the signs of alcohol poisoning. These symptoms consist of frequent urinating, vomiting, lack of responsiveness, lack of coordination, fatigue and a slow respiratory rate. If your dog is experiencing any of these systems it is very important to immediately take them to the vet or animal emergency center immediately. Please, be aware of the effects and symptoms of alcohol ingestion in dogs and be sure to keep it at a safe distance from your dog.

Wed, April 3 2013 » Blog, Food & Nutrition, Health

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