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Eating Mulch

Should I be concerned with my dog munching on mulch?  I have heard the “chocolate” mulch can be dangerous and even deadly.

Thanks for your response!


Several years ago there was a warning that some mulch was being made with cocoa bean hulls in the product and the dogs were attracted to it and eating it.  I have not heard of any warnings to that nature lately.  But to be safe, please check the label on the mulch; and/ or ask the nursery staff.

A lot of puppies will chew on mulch, without really ingesting much, if any, of the mulch.  From a training perspective, I would train for a good “leave-it”.  If you are in the early stages of puppyhood and the “leave-it” is not 100% yet, only have the puppy outside with you under supervision, so as to correct/redirect the chewing behavior.

I teach the “leave-it” exercise in Lesson 2 of my Beginners class because it is such an important “lifestyle” cue/command which is used regularly, especially with a young puppy.  I used it the other day with four of my dogs trying to catch and ingest a lizard.  On command, they left the lizard alone and backed away.  I have used it with frogs, turtles, snakes, chipmunks, baby birds and moles.  The “leave-it” is worth its weight in gold!

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