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Hey Jasmine – how can you eat the same food every day? Doesn’t that get old? There is no way I could eat the same thing every day! — Jack T.

Thanks for the question. You know it may sound funny to you humans, but I don’t even know what I ate yesterday. You see, as a dog, I go more by training, instinct, and schedule than anything else. Now I do have things I won’t eat, like veggies (Yuk!!). But that is not because I had them yesterday, or don’t like the taste. I am naturally a carnivour, and veggies just don’t do much for me. But for my food, hey, my humans have got me on a schedule of when I eat, and when that time hits, and something is in my dish, don’t get in my way!! If it is the same as yesterday, it might be meaningful to you humans, but to me, it’s food, and I want it!!

Thu, April 8 2010 » Ask Jasmine

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Molly Molly

I am a three year old German Shepherd from South Georgia.  I don’t really have a favorite toy because my favorite things are sleeping and getting petted on the head. Although if I do get up some energy I will admit that I love getting into the trash to look for napkins.

My brother Teddy is lots of fun to play with, plus he usually takes the blame for my chewing.  I really like him for that!  I love to bark a lot; sometimes my humans do not appreciate that so much.  I am SUPER special because I am a white German Shepherd and that is not so common I hear.

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