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Happy Dog, Happy Planet

happy dog. happy planet.



Check out these tasty temptations for your doggie!

  • Pumpkin Delights-pumpkin, cinnamon treats
  • Cranbowie Delights–cranberry, orange flavored treats
  • Peanut Pawfect Delights–peanut butter flavored treats
  • Spotted Peanut Delights–peanut butter flavored treats with carob chips
  • Cin-sational Apple Delights–apple cinnamon flavored treats

Price is $8.95 for a 12 oz. bag plus shipping. They are homemade in our kitchen with fresh organic ingredients.  They are Jasmine approved!

If you are a merchant and would like to resale our treats, please call us at 812.599.4679




And while you are here submit your favorite 4 legged friend for our “Featured Dog”.




For our address, phone number and other information such as our website policies, please see the Contact Us page.

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Molly Molly

I am a three year old German Shepherd from South Georgia.  I don’t really have a favorite toy because my favorite things are sleeping and getting petted on the head. Although if I do get up some energy I will admit that I love getting into the trash to look for napkins.

My brother Teddy is lots of fun to play with, plus he usually takes the blame for my chewing.  I really like him for that!  I love to bark a lot; sometimes my humans do not appreciate that so much.  I am SUPER special because I am a white German Shepherd and that is not so common I hear.

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